WordPress: Stand der Dinge beim neuen Standardtheme „Twenty Twelve“

Am „Twenty Twelve“ Theme wird gerade noch kräftig gewerkelt.

17.02.2012 – Nacin and Jane both asked me to be a bit more open about what we’re actually working on.

So… hands off the code for a few minutes to keep everyone in the loop.

Here are the big, open tasks, what we’re doing right now.

Current tasks

  • Style comments (Drew)
  • Work on hiding full nav menu in small screens (Lance)
  • Style all default WP widgets (Drew)
  • Finalize post “meta” element placement in the design (Drew)
  • Style post formats: aside, link, quote, image (Drew)

There is a big blocker to moving any further than that list, and that is:


  • Finishing the CSS styling (Drew)

We need to wait until after the main styles are “stable”, and all the CSS styling is in. Meaning Drew says he’s done styling all the basic theme elements.

Then we can move on to the next big tasks:

Big tasks, part 2

  • CSS cleanup (Lance)
  • RTL stylesheet
  • Editor stylesheet
  • Browser testing
  • Theme visual review, based on Theme Unit Test and testing with real content (aka put it on a real blog and use it)
  • Deep code review from core PHP devs
  • Validate CSS, HTML, and check for JS errors
  • Clean up any extraneous comments, debug settings, or TODO items
  • Have a beer :)

Who’s doing what?

Drew: Design concepts, CSS, images, minor HTML changes, a new eye on the well-worn pattern of blog design

Lance: PHP code, enabling WP core features, testing, CSS cleanup, ensuring WP code standards on everything, i18n, approving any major departures from previous Twenty Something themes in terms of code, making sure this theme owns up to the awesome lineage of WP themes.

Matt: Art direction and overall taste tester, meaning he has the final say on the design and functionality; testing it out for us in each stage and giving feedback on everything; sending us cool music to listen to while coding. :)

14.02.2012 – We are currently plugging away at fixing up missing styles around the new theme.

r19915 brings in several of these style fixes and related template changes (see #19978).

Next up is more of the same, including styling comments, handling the main navigation gracefully in small screens, styling all the default widgets, and styling the basic post formats (aside, link, image, quote).

If anyone wants to help out a bit, we could use eyes on #19627 — the “default to static front page” behavior.

Quelle: wpdevel.wordpress.com