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WoW Patch 4.2: Keine weiteren Einschränkungen des Würfelsystems für Beute

Es wird keine weiteren Änderungen oder Einschränkungen am Würfelsystem für Beute geben. BOE-Items (= Bind on Equip) werden jedoch bei „Bedarf“-Wurf an den jeweiligen Charakter gebunden.

Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)

This thread is getting close to cap. Obviously it’s a popular topic and I appreciate everyone putting in their opinions. Despite a few choice words here and there, there are some good points and counter-points.

To bring one more to the table (or reiterate one, I haven’t read all 20 pages), and it’s one that is a big reason why the system works as it does: if only tanks can roll on tank gear, then it becomes really hard for anyone else to build up the gear they need to be able to tank. We would end up with a bunch of undergeared tanks („Sorry guys, but this is the only way I can get armor,“) or worse, fewer tanks in the system overall because nobody can get gear. People would be forced to gear for healing or tanking through other means because they wouldn’t be able to move fluidly from leveling as DPS to Dungeon Finder and begin acquiring the gear they need to fulfill their role. Or, the Light forbid, one day someone decides they want to try healing or tanking and needs to begin building a set.

At some point systems become so ‚helpful‘ that they’re a detriment. For that reason we have to reach a point where we’re making sure we’re stopping the majority of negatives, but not squeezing the egg of problems so hard that we create four messier ones.

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