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Gibt es nun einen Endboss in „Mists of Pandaria“ oder nicht ?

Gibt es nun einen Endboss in „Mists of Pandaria“ oder nicht ? – Diese Frage wurde im amerikanischen battle.net Forum gestellt.

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„I’m still waiting for a post about an end game boss. Impossible for me to get excited over something where the biggest new thing is a new race / class. It has all been done before, nothing new here. Show me something worth buying this expac so I can stop complaining about not seeing an end game boss.“

There will be plenty of information coming out of the press tour. This week, is all about getting that information to the media and fansites so they can show you what they’ve learned next week. I am not going to get into specifics of what is going to be covered, but you can be assured, it’s what some would call a plethora of information. Link

„Wait im confused…

If they are getting information out this week..why are we not going to hear about it until next week?“

The press event occurs over several days. This allows us to schedule developer interviews (with press and fansites) as well as give everyone we invite the time to get on our demo stations, talk with the developers, and (more importantly) process the information they learn so they can post it in a way that they are happy with. While we could just tell people they’re free to start posting as soon as they get in and see things, it puts pressure on them to do just that, and many media outlets appreciate having some time to craft their stories. It also makes it unfair to other media outlets and fansites that aren’t scheduled to attend the event until the second or third day.

In short, it’s not as easy as opening the doors and saying, „Here you go everyone!“ These events take a lot of planning not only for us, but for those we invite to attend, and we want to make sure that we give everyone the best opportunity possible to get everything they can out of the event. Link

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