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Mists of Pandaria: Mehr Infos zum Legendary Item „Breath of the Black Prince“

Die Jungs von mmo-champion.com haben alle momentan verfügbaren Infos zum Legendary Item „Breath of the Black Prince“ zusammengetragen.

Breath of the Black Prince
To go along with the new The Black Prince faction there are some quests that end with the reward of a legendary item, the Breath of the Black Prince! This item is likely used to upgrade your gear in some way. Before helping Wrathion, you first share a drink with him while talking about the future of Azeroth.

The first quest in the series requires an honored reputation level, which is earned by killing the mogu and mantid in the Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes, as well as any raid creatures.

You must also collect Sigil of Wisdom x 10 and Sigil of Power x 10 from Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, or Terrace of Endless Spring. While you are raiding, you need to defeat the Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring to obtain a Chimera of Fear.

At some point after this he will reward you with a Breath of the Black Prince, but the quests are not chained yet, so we can’t be certain as to what the requirements are.

According to the quest descriptions he seems heavily invested in the fate of Pandaria, even hinting towards the oncoming Horde and Alliance war fleets that will turn the beach of Krasarang Wilds into a battlezone in Patch 5.1.

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