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I know you must be tired of stupid questions, but is there a reason the Argent Charger is not account wide (I have 3 paladins)
Other paladins should be able to use it. Sounds like a bug.

Currently Wands as mainhand weapons are nonfunctional; they autocast „Shoot“ which delays regular casts. Bug or intended?
Intended. We don’t want wands to be a DPS increase or casters would never use staves, daggers, mage blades.

By the way, what’s the purpose of the 200 fragment cap for archy? Does it prevent bugs/exploits in some way? Often inconvenient
We didn’t want players immediately solving future artifacts with an endless fragment pool.

Doing achievements, getting frustrated by „you have entered too many instances recently“… is that limit still necessary?
The limit is necessary, but it’s probably too strict if you’re bumping into it in normal gameplay. It’s to discourage sploits.

I prefer time delays used for gating instead of attunement quests.
The ICC delays felt artificial though. Would like for them to make more sense. ICC also had to do with Dec launch (in west).

What’s your view on what looks like yet another tier of presumably 2 months of HC progress for the top guilds?
Remember, hardcore guilds measure in terms of attempts not weeks. 500+ attempts is a lot of WoW.

I’m curious as to why we didn’t get a „Cataclysm Halion encounter“ so to speak to fill the time before Theramore’s launch.
Halion was a cool fight, but it was just one fight and it’s hard for a raid that small to really be engaging. We need final tiers with long legs (but don’t need to last as long as 4.3 has lasted).

Will the raid bosses coming after MoP launch be split in to smaller raids or would you like to go back to the single big raid?
Ideally it will vary. Ulduar felt like one big complex, but still had different „wings.“ I really like larger tiers (10ish). We’re going to try as hard as we can.

Will we ever see more Hard modes like Ulduar. This flipping the switch just is not very involved
Check out Terrace raid in MoP.

Some older bosses have immunities that hinder certain classes, like Void reaver and poisons. what’s your stance on this?
I can’t imagine the older bosses give you much trouble.

Many have wondered why raid size dropped from 40 to 25 rather than to 20? Guild BC transition would have been lot less painful
I joined for Sunwell. In retrospect, 20 or 15 might have meant we could have had one raid size. Changing raid size now would be very painful for every raiding guild. Asking every raid group in the world to grow or shrink? I think that would not be popular.

Whose idea was the Darkmoon Rabbit encounter? Cuz that person needs a raise.
I don’t want to call him out without his permission, but he’s an awesome designer. Hopefully he sees this.

Thought Resistance was removed, still seeing & getting partial and full resists. Is it here to stay?
Res is gone as a stat on gear and buff. It still exists behind the scenes. Where are you seeing partials?

So why remove the shaman totems? were they gonna be too OP if left to how they were with this new patch?
Shaman kept telling us they wanted totems to be fun not just the same buffs others had in a more cumbersome package. Fun now maybe.

Was the decision for the two roll system based around the fact that warriors and paladins can hit 102.4? Was the dmg taken that much less then Death Knight and Bear tanks?
Less about balance among tank classes and more about keeping mastery as an interesting stat for war / pal.

Are we going to see a lot of phasing in Mists? Not that I hate it, but it caused issues with helping guildies with quests.
As Kosak says, it’s the most powerful tool in the quest arsenal. Use phasing when we need a big impact, but not too often.

Hey Greg, nice to see you around here. Will there be a city on Pandaria like Dalaran and Shattrath?
There are „shrines“ in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. They are like small cities but faction specific.

Do best friendships count towards The Beloved? And if not is Nat Pagle a reputation, or a friendship?
Didn’t intend for friendships to count as reps, but they do. If we fix in the future, we’ll just lower the count down again. Nat is a friend, not a rep. Same with Half Hill etc.

Any plans to eventually unattach Golden Lotus rep from Shado-Pan and August Celestials? 5.1? Because I’m not going to lie, the current setup for dailies is terrible and smacks of „desperate for longer subs from players“.
We can’t make content faster than players can consume it. Repeatable content is the best solution we’ve come up with. Nobody says I want to do Westfall before Elwynn. Think of Shado-Pan after Lotus as the same thing, but at max level.

What’s the story behind not having any str polearms (or staves) as a warrior i hate being limited to AXE/SWORD/MACE.
The answer is a little lame, but the animations for polearms don’t work well with Titan’s Grip. We want to fix.

No mage teleports/portals to Pandaria? Oversight or by design? If the latter, why?
Pretty sure there are.

Any chance to see BM hunter as melee, MM as today, surv as tank in future?
If we ever did melee or tank hunter, I’d want them as new specs. Hate to change what current X is. Blood DK transition painful.

The Paladin change to active mitigation–functional and fine, but what was the motivation?
Tanks starting to realize that attacking wasn’t relevant. They could stand there, hold threat, and just pop cooldowns. Linking attacks to survival made them suddenly relevant to tanks. Active mitigation.

If I may ask, why the removal of Heroic Fury? It was one of the reasons I went with fury the first time.
We tried to make spec about rotations and talents about utility. Didn’t want Arms or Fury to feel mandatory because of CC etc.

Can we have totem bar back? I understand taking away dropping the 4 totems at once, but I miss having them on their own bar…
You can recreate it by dragging the individual totem flyouts down. You may not want to drop some of those at the same time though.

BM Hunter is viable in PvP but MM and SV are terrible? Plan to make them on-par with BM? It’s mainly due to utility BM has etc
Utility beyond just lots of damage cooldowns?

Has the WoW team ever considered introducing leather items specifically designed for bears and brewmasters for MoP?
We talked about tank leather for MoP. We also talked about no tanking gear. Too much gear competition can also be sad though.

Will we see more veng improvements? taunting is still bad. I could NOT taunt off a tank that had 100k+ ATP last night at all.
Taunt sets your threat equal. After that, the first tank might have to do something to help out. Did you tank Reaver or Vael?

Wouldn’t it have been a valid option to just add a cast time to holy shock with the glyph active instead of such a huge nerf?
Denounce is the cast time nuke. We like HS as a shock. The nerf just makes it fair at low level. It hits hard at 85 / 90.

When do we get the option to hide weapon enchants?
We’re talking about maybe hiding enchants. Too many weapons spray their own particles now. To clarify, we talked about hiding enchants as a player option

How about Tabards? Can we get these converted to work like titles too? So we can reduce inventory clutter?
Need to solve tabards with „on use“ abilities, like teleports. Then it’s easy.

As I miss getting achieves on new toons and it would help to show what a player is capable of..on THAT toon and not another..
If it is not a meta-achievement, most achievements can still be earned on another character. You get the „toast“ just no points. If it’s a meta, then it has to be acct level. Else, it’s weird to see all the sub-achievements (from other chars) but no meta.

You’re adding account-wide pets, mounts achievs. Any chance for account-wide heirlooms?
My dream = heirlooms work like titles. It’s dumb to have to mail your own characters. Getting mail should be fun. No ETA.

I feel like I shouldn’t do this but I’m going to anyway. Am I bad? Does PvP healing stat work in the world?
PvP Power works in world, just not in instances.

Does that mean that the healing aspect of PVP Power will now work in world PVP? Or do you mean just the damage?
PvP Power healing works outside as well.

Does it work in instances? Because I don’t want to have to stack PvP Power on my PvE healers‘ gear.
PvP Power does not work in instances. The PvP gear is decent (but not as good as PvE) and may be fine for entry content.

Is Tigole still alive? Don’t think I’ve heard from him in literally years.
Had lunch with him this week. He is very busy. Just you wait.

Did you enjoy Cataclysm? I thought the zone separation made it feel too disconnected, rather than having a new continent.
I enjoyed Cataclysm, but agree about the zone separation. There is a reason Pandaria is a continent.

Maybe I go a bit too far, but… Is this the last expansion?
Not as long as you guys keep playing it and having fun.

Do you read the general discussion forums?
I do regularly yes, and when I don’t rest assured that someone does.

Any chance you’ll remove the annoying requirement that you have to be in a raid group to enter a raid?
Yes (meaning there’s a chance).

How does one go from a Marine Scientist to working at Blizz? That seems like an odd jump.
Short story: being on the ocean as a grad student more fun than being at a PC as a professor.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis or giant isopod?
I was always a crustacean guy. Both are cool though.

Any particular hopes/goals for Twitter communication? Different from forums? An additional avenue, different focus, just fun?
I want to focus here on work so I can use FB more personally. Good for the little ?s and feedback that gets swallowed by forums.

Just know that for every one person out there that hates the direction of the game, thousands of others love and appreciate it.
If they can articulate what about the direction they don’t like we can try to address it. But it can’t be: make it just for me.

So I must ask.. do you ever feel like smashing your PC when you read posters who think you solely are responsible for the game?
I don’t mind getting blamed for things. I mind when the 100s of people who work on this game are forgotten. I am but a cog.

So when mists arrives what will you be doing release night? Assuming you get to go out and enjoy it.
Signing boxes / shaking hands with players in Paris. I had to give up the midnight login experience when I got this gig.

I just want to say, thank you for not folding to the people who demand that they know more than you when it comes to the game.
No doubt they do know more about some aspects of the game. It’s a big game. That doesn’t mean they should design it though.

18 days till Mists of Pandaria is live! Can’t wait for you guys to play it. Nothing like sharing 2 years of your life’s work with the world.
It has to be hard knowing what’s coming & not being able to say anything until a year later when it’s announced. When you say 2 years, is that total or is there more time planning on top of that?
We start thinking about it before that time frame for sure but most of the work happens in that 2 years on average.

Here I was thinking they had you locked up at the offices, forcing you to slave away on the forums.
Haven’t had enough time to read the forums much this week. But my colleagues have & we have good things in store for next week!

Can you clarify the MoP start time? There is a discrepancy on http://battle.net/game management to as to it being EST or PST…
We’re prepping that info for everyone. Stay tuned.


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