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Video: Mists of Pandaria: Interview mit Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street auf wowjuju.com

Neben der Legendary Show hatte wowjuju.com ebenfalls die Möglichkeit Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street einige Fragen zum aktuellen Content zustellen.

Hier einige kurze Auszüge der Fragen und Antworten:

It’s been mentioned numerous times that Blizzard wants to reward 25 man raiders for the extra effort required, any update on this? As far as I know there were/are some tests on the Asian realms…

GC: It will be interesting to see how EU and NA players respond to the Asian model, but really we weren’t trying to use Asia as an experiment. We were trying to provide what a lot of the players there say they want. Remember that the payment model there is pretty different from what EU and NA players are used to, which inherently effects how they digest the content.

As far as 25-player raids go, we absolutely want to offer some compensation for their increased logistical complexities. We don’t think that just having 25s offer higher ilevel rewards is the right answer, because then it just makes all of the 10 player guilds feel like they have to ramp up to 25. There isn’t an easy answer to the problem, but we’re going to keep working on it. We like 25 player raiding – in some ways it offers a better experience than 10s — and we don’t want to see it go away.

We can upgrade the quality of our battle pets now, which is great, but how about some pet gear?

GC: The original design we presented at BlizzCon had pet collars and gems for those collars. We pushed off that part of the design because we felt the feature already had plenty going on to the point of risking it being overwhelming. Once players get more comfortable with pet battles and it feels like they are starting to run out of content, we’ll evaluate whether bringing back the collar or if a gear idea makes sense.

Das komplette Interview findet man auf wowjuju.com.