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Mists of Pandaria: methodwow.com interviewt Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas

Neben converttoraid.com hatte dieses Mal Method das Vergnügen, Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas Fragen zum aktuellen Content zustellen.

Auch hier ein paar Auszüge der Fragen und Antworten (das komplette Interview findet ihr hier):

Judging from the feat of strength that you get when you first kill an endboss of each raid instance, you are actually going to implement the same nerfs every month as you did in Dragon Soul, right?

Ion: The hooks for that are in place, but we actually haven’t 100% decided whether or not we are going ahead to do that yet. We are keeping an eye on player progression and right now i think players of all levels haven’t hit any brick walls. Usually we think about using the nerf when people start to really get stuck and the progression seems pretty good right now. Those feat of strengths though, will NOT be available once patch 5.2 comes out, regardless.

Increasing the Valor points gained from raid bosses from 25 to 40 was a very welcome change, especially combined with the 50% increased valor points on your characters after reaching the weekly cap with one. Also we saw that you implemented the account bound double reputation items for all the MoP factions. All of these changes are mostly helping the players who have multiple characters. Will you keep going into that direction to ‚ease their pain‘?

Ion: Yes, absolutely, I think that has been one of the underlying tensions of a lot of the systems we have introduced in MoP. We were trying to create tons of new content and to make sure that players had things to do that were interesting to fill their time over the course of a week but obviously that also means that if you are trying to do those very same things on 2,3,4 characters at the same time, there are just aren’t going to be enough hours in the week, it becomes very stressful. So we want to make sure that the people who are just focused on their main character still have enough to do, but for those who have multiple alts have an easier way of keeping their alts caught up with their mains.