Braufest wird um eine Woche verschoben

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Hey guys,

We are aware that many of you are concerned about not having enough time to level up and such, which is a concern we fully acknowledge, as we know that many of you would like to enjoy and experience the new areas and content at your own pace, and not feel like you have to rush through things and level up as fast as possible just to have a go at the Brewfest dungeon boss.

Therefore, In order to make sure you guys have some more time to prepare for this year’s Brewfest, we have pushed the whole event forward by just over a week, stopping short of overlapping with the Hallow’s End event.

WoW Linktipp: Braufest-Guide auf

Ja, das Braufest in Azeroth ;)…jedes Jahr (fast) dasselbe an Quests, erfolgen und Co. zuholen. Trotzdem vergisst man immer wieder die Hälfte :). Daher kann ich euch nur den Guide zum Braufest auf empfehlen.

Alle Erfolge, Quests etc. gibt fein säuberlich aufgelistet. Naturlich für beide Fraktionen ;)…

WoW – Braufest – MyVideo