Mists of Pandaria: Convert to Raid – Interview mit Ion Hazzikostas

Pat Krane interviews Blizzard’s Lead Encounter Designer, Ion Hazzikostas, as patch 5.2 comes to a close. They discuss the Throne of Thunder and assess the content and how it compared to some of the past raids. Topics include: Successes and learning points, LFR difficulty level, world first guilds and how Blizzard uses their feedback, WoW’s main audience, the patch 5.4 raid, 5 mans, scenarios and more!


Mists of Pandaria: Interview mit Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street auf mmorpg.com

Recently, we caught up with Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, Lead Systems Designer on World of Warcraft to talk about all things past, present and future of WoW. We chat about the new stuff in 5.2, how the team is focused on recapturing the magic of Vanilla WoW, and what the future holds, even hints of the next expansion.

Interview mit Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street auf mmorpg.com

Mists of Pandaria: Patch 5.2 – Neuer Zeitplan für Raid Encounter Tests veröffentlicht (05.03.2013)

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker)

With the release of Patch 5.2: The Thunder King, the vast Throne of Thunder raid will become available. As in previous raid tiers, Raid Finder wings and availability difficulties will be staggered.

To access the new Raid Finder wings you will need a minimum average item level (ilevel) of 480.

This is our current schedule based on a planned patch release date of March 5. If the patch is delayed, or if we determine any change is needed, we’ll update this article.

March 5 – Normal Throne of Thunder
March 12 – Heroic Throne of Thunder and LFR Wing 1 “Last Stand of the Zandalari”
March 19 – LFR Wing 2 “Forgotten Depths”
April 2 – LFR Wing 3 “Halls of Flesh-Shaping”
April 16 – LFR Wing 4 “Pinnacle of Storms”