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Lisa Sabin-Wilson: Scoping Projects To Reduce Stress, Headaches and Angry Mobs

Attention to detail in your code and design work is important – but before you lay down one single pixel, or one single line of code, you need to make sure that everyone (you, your client, your clients client, etc) are on the same page and make sure you are managing expectations on what the desired project outcome is.

This presentation covers hard lessons I’ve learned in a decade of client work – I hope to pass those headaches on to you so you don’t make the same mistakes.

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WordPress: Michael Toppa – Dependency Injection for WordPress Plugin Development

This presentation is an in-depth look at a powerful object-oriented programming technique: dependency injection. Michael will review the basic concepts behind writing small classes for WordPress plugins and how to get your objects working together through the use of an injection container. He’ll then proceed to more advanced techniques for managing multiple object dependencies, dependencies within dependencies, and class autoloading.

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WordPress: Konstantin Kovshenin – The WordPress Settings API (WordCamp Sofia 2012)

The session covers the basic usage of the Settings API, along with a few more advanced topics and techniques. The slides and notes/transcript are available on Konstantin’s blog.

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